2016-17 League Cup


Tbf to Hull, they have had some dangerous situations during the whole first half.
Still 0-0 at HT :smiley:
Lol at Rooney! How did he miss it?


Just tuned in for a bit, that was a lovely pass by Pogba.


Christ! How many gaols have Mata scored so far?


Njuan that really Mata.




C’mon, ban him :wink:


Great free kick by Pogba! He hits the post!
Lol! Fellaini scores! Hull are so bad to let him bang a goal in!
2-0 Manure FT. They are almost through.


Yeah that’s true to be fair. I remember once before they played sky sports were hyping it up as the greatest derby in football :neutral_face:

Mata was absolutely class tonight. Ive alwats loved watching him despite playing for two grotesque clubs. To think Mourinho preferred Oscar over this guy :joy:


Tbf did he not sign Fabregas like 6 months later due to Oscar not being creative enough?


Bottom of the PL. Not sure why you’d expect any different.


Cant belive in 2017 this competition is still a 2 legged semi final.


They even played quite well in the end. And i was joking about Fellaini :wenger:


Southampton-Liverpool now. Both many going with pretty strong line-ups.
Christ! Puel is the french Pulis. So negative with his style of play.
Liverpool should have scored here.
1-0 Saints! One killer pass to go through Liverpool’s defence.
If attacked, Liverpool’s defence go tits up. They should target it more.
Saints have to resist until HT to get something out from this game.
Some good pressing by Southampton here.
Coutinho warming up. You can bey your house he is gonna score a scream in the second half.
Fuck! Great save!
Ok, it was a crap shot in the end. He bottled it :smiley:
So far, so good for Saints. Keep it up!


Karius made a save? :astonished:


Yes, my lady :wink:
Just watched Southampton’s goal again. 3 Liverpool players to mark an opponent and Redmond was completely free.
This is a game that screams for Coutinho. Liverpool need one of his rockets.
Klopp is about to take a shit on the bench!
Coutinho on.
Fuck off! How to waste a counter!
Even Klopp is getting fed up with the shit he is watching :smiley:
FUCKKKKKKK! Thought it was in! Southampton should have really scored some in the second half.


Redmond has been brilliant for Soton


Yeah Redmond has been great. How did he not put the tie to bed there?! Should have been 2-0!


Sturridge so terrible today!
4 minutes added on.
Southampton smh…should have been 3-0 FT for them. Liverpool were non existent.


Sounds like Liverpool got out of jail and given how good they have been at Anfield this season Southampton will likely rue not getting a 2nd.


Liverpool looked bang average from start to finish. Hardly created a goal scoring opportunity. Southampton played their best game in a long time; intense pressing and didnt really give Pool time on the ball.

Hopefully they dont play like that against us. Good to see them raising their game against someone else for a change.


Liverpool have a lot of games to negotiate and are clearly missing an in-form Mane. Maybe all that running around the pitch is catching up with them. Could be 4PT contenders soon if they’re not careful.