2016-17 League Cup


Here comes Liverpool away out of the hat…


Home to Southampton. Could have been worse.


Arsenal Vs Southampton. Decent!!


The EFL Cup quarter-final draw:

Liverpool-Leeds United
Manchester United-West Ham
Hull City-Newcastle United

Not bad!


Could have been better but could have been much worse. Would definitely have taken that beforehand. Home is a huge advantage.


That’s a good draw if we want to win it. Southampton might still fancy the Europa League more and the League Cup arguably only becomes a ‘thing’ if you reach the semis.

West Ham could be dangerous in this with no European football. Liverpool probably justify being slight favourites.

Will need a better team than last night to beat them regardless tho, over to you Wenga…


Also, looked nasty at the ‘London Stadium’ tonight. Wouldn’t like to be kettled out of there as a chav away fan, especially as it’s a new one for OB and they might not have the situation tightly controlled yet. Hope no-one gets 'urt.

West 'Am/Chavs went quiet for a few years (seemed to me) but is really back with a bang lately.


Happy that Southampton are in the Europa League as they will prioritise that over the League Cup, so we should see 2 second string sides against each other.


They’ll have one Europa game left at that stage and may well be already qualified by the time we play so not so sure they will deprioritise the league cup tbh.


Yep, but playing at home is still an advantage.


Liverpool and Hull play today.
Leeds so close to take the lead! Moreno with a failed offside trap.
Liverpool respond with Wijnaldum. Great save by Silvestri. Good start to the game.
The game has slowed down a bit now. Leeds look more organized after a spell where Liverpool were starting to dominate.
Oh FFS! Leeds with almost a great cock up at the back.


It will be interesting to see what sort of lineup they send out as their final Europa League game is cut throat.


Both 0-0 at HT. Leeds giving a go at Anfield.


Leeds have actually looked relatively comfortable thus far.


Lol at Origi! Trying to dribble past 6/7 players, then losing the ball.
Leeds not taking any risk atm.


Typical Liverpool, always trying to walk it in.


Leeds with a good chance from a corner. Should have done better with that header.
Christ! Very poor strike. The Yorkshire outfit should be up here.


Wijnaldum hit the post


Liverpool hit the post and then Leeds block on the rebound!
Oh fuck off Silvestri! WTF was that!? 1-0 Origi.
2-0 Woodburn. Another mistake at the back for Leeds.


Wtf. Sky Sports commentators absolutely creaming over Woodburn’s goal and how ‘special’ it is. It’s an EFL quarter final vs Leeds and he scored the 2-0… lol… Such an overreaction