2016-17 League Cup


That draw could not be more perfect for us. No doubt rival fans will be moaning though :arteta:

Shame Northampton lost out towards the end, they gave a good account of themselves, only defensive cockups from the keeper tonight is where Man Utd got their break, but the fact it forced Jose into putting guys like Ibra on it pretty hilarious.


LOL what a draw, was it done by gunners? :smiley:


Watch us fucking it up now :wilshere:


Reading at home.
I wonder if it will be another twelve goal thriller.


12-0 this time


To Reading, then 13-12 to us :ozil2:


This one’s on General Sale already, no messing about :joy:


Tottenham got dismantled yesterday. Impressive performance by Liverpool tbh.


Liverpool have been on absolute fire so far this campaign.


Yep, they played many reserves and were still very impressive.


C’mon City! Put more misery on the cunt!
1-0 West Ham against Chelsea! Get in!


West Ham beating Chelsea! Brilliant header



Mike Dean sniffing his assistant before the match. :confused:


And proceeding to be as shit a ref as always.


Pep is such a crazy coach on the touchline.


I might just be catching him on bad days but so far I don’t get the hype with Sane.


boring shit this Manchester derby. Tired of watching both sides play backwards all the time I just can’t wait till halftime to see if the first half is somehow better than the second


God, this derby is truly awful.


I have a hard time taking my eyes off the trainwreck that is Mourinho’s United but West Ham - Chelsea seems to be the much more exciting match right now.


Is the draw straight after the completion of these ties ?