2016-17 League Cup


I don’t even agree with this tbh and it might wind people up but I’d have said the FA trophy was a bigger deal than it (prior to all their messing with that anyway) and certainly the other three lower league titles too.

But as you say, that’s just how I see it, doesn’t mean I’m right.


I would love to finally win the League Cup again. What i am trying to say is that the Community Shield is still an important cup.


what about the FA trophy do you believe makes it a bigger deal?

Id imagine hardly anyone on this forum even knows it exists tbh.


The Watney cup was the one to win or the Anglo Italian cup…


Southampton should of played in yellow and blue against mufc ,its worked b4 !


It’s an actual competition with rounds and knockouts etc. I rate that higher than a single match that the two teams just get placed into, regardless of the reasons they get those places.


Nah the 2 best teams in England are the ones that finish top 2 in the League I’d say.


So we had a hiccup last year, but the season before we were 2nd best team in the league then. Makes sense as we win in the knockout competitions all the time.


Hahah so in regards to being in the top 2 teams in the league we have had a hiccup 12 of the last 13 seasons.