2016-17 League Cup


I know, to think they got him for free.


Yep - the haters gonna hate but Zlatan just does the business.


of course manu will win it, the fucking stuff is fixed, cant have manu spending 100s of millions and win nothing…of course they will win, fucking joke, clear goal given offside i swear all of football is bent as fucking hell.


Is the League Cup final a big enough game?

I make that 26 in 38 plus 7 assists. So that’s… 33 direct contributions to goals in 38 games at the age of 35. Playing week in, week out. Multiple times per week.

And some people scoffed at the idea of signing him! He’s a winner and we’d be sitting a lot prettier with him up top that’s for sure.


Fuck off, you swedish prick. Totally undeserved.


Comparing Giroud to Zlatan is just :joy:

It’s like the Godroud stuff from Topo except that was for laughs, people here do the former for real.


Ibra is so good man. 26 goals all comps. No other Utd player has scored in double figures!!

Wish he stayed at PSG lol.


Can’t believe Southampton didn’t win it. It was one of the most one-sided games i have ever seen.



89 goals in his last 100 club appearances according to the commentator. Not bad.



“I’m a bit emotional. It’s not easy to win titles so many times, it’s not easy to cope with the pressure I put myself under all of my career,” the United boss added. “It was a game I felt was difficult, so credit goes to Southampton. We have the cup in our hands but we should be playing extra-time. Winning is always special. The day I don’t get emotional when I win is the day I go home.”

What a cunt this man is…not the team not the players always about that fucking sack of shit…why doesnt he fuck off out of the epl the festering bag of sick.


Southampton, now with Puel as their coach, also seem to be much better than what their underwhelming results would suggest. Difficult to create good chances against them and they’re producing a shot volume that’s much higher than what you’d expect from a team that’s 13th.

Oh and never in doubt about Mourinho :sunglasses: Extremely ridiculous that people could call him “finished” after one bad season. :joy:





People just piss me off with this competition. When we lose everyone gives it the who gives a fuck attitude.
Now united win it everyone gives a fuck.
Tough shit. Fact is we should be having ago to win the thing. Last 3 winners are Chelsea, city, united. Good enough for them good enough for us.


Difference for them it is a legitimate trophy, but for us the fans of our club and other clubs fans will be like ‘that doesnt count’ but strangely they count it when they win it, its all too fickle!


It would never be good enough for some Arsenal fans anyway, poisoned chalice if you do or don’t win the thing.




So if it a nothing trophy why have our fans given up their sunday to watch it and why are a section of them in complete meltdown mood.
Fickle as you say maybe.


it’s football and we’re not playing. Doubt theres noting more to most people watching the game tbh.

And i didn’t watch it myself cos i wouldn’t want to watch them cunts win an egg and spoon race.