2016/17 FA Cup


Man City fans ain’t bad to be honest. Salt of the earth and all that


Most Arsenal fans would take a loss to Chelsea over Tottenham in the final, but I have a sneaking feeling some of the players would think the opposite, especially some of the newer arrivals and the imports.

I always remember, going back a decade or so, that some of our players were quite pally with some of the Tottenham lot, but there was serious beef with Chelsea players, notably Drogba, Ivanovic, Cole etc Whenever we lost to them, which was basically always, our lot were always wound up by the end, I remember situations with a pre-Chelsea Fabregas, Nasri and van Persie in particular. Check out our record of red cards in this fixture vs the NLD

By contrast you’ve got Wilshere, Gibbs and co out clubbing with Dawson, Huddleston, Parker, Defoe etc back in the day. For me it hasn’t been as heated on the pitch as off it for some time. Maybe that’s set to change

I think most of our lot have built up a horrible inferiority complex re: Chelsea that began with Mourinho vs Wenger and now runs throughout the core of both clubs right through to the supporters. I don’t think a Tottenham game means as much to our players as when we play Chelsea and - regardless of league position - it really should


Its Semi Final week…
Wemberley Wemberley
we’re the famous ARSENAL
and we’re going Wemberley…

Although i dont agree with semi finals at wembley…


Tottnum fans prepare for Saturdays semi against Chelsea…Yidarmy yidarmy!!


Oh god I need that cup in my life :heart_eyes:


^ i think this is spot on. Which also probabky explains why i feel the way i do about tottenham and chelsea.


Let’s see what Tottenham are made of today. Massive mental test for them.


Spurs have been drawn as the “Away” team so that might help them :grin:


Hope Chelsea smash the fuck out of them


I’ve not been this nervous about a set of Fa Cup games since the 2005 run for sure

Maybe even longer back to the Tottenham game in 01

This is because the only permutation that would leave me with a ‘meh’ feeling would be a Man City / Chelsea final and I don’t think it will be that


£9.50 and that inc p&p UK…
My daughters doing a charity tea party(shes a cake maker) today, for the Royal Marsden, disney theme so i did these for her…among others.


I’m in a funny place.

I think I want Spurs to win, because oddly I think we have a better chance of beating them than Chelsea in the final. The occasion of a North London Derby in the final of the FA Cup kind of evens the playing field I reckon. Chelsea would stroll it.

Obviously we have to get there, but I think there will be a lot of pressure on Spurs to end their drought, which could be to our advantage. That would be some match.


I think both teams would comfortably beat us at the moment, but even so I’d rather get smashed by Chelsea than risk losing to Spurs in a final. I couldn’t deal with a NLD - especially one where we wouldn’t be favourites.


I can’t envisage coping with an NLD cup final.

91 I was on holiday, 93 I was there but too young and 01 i was there but too inebriated.


We are a clear 4th out of the 4 teams remaining. I don’t give us a shot against any of the other 3, especially with our tendency to crumble in the big pressure games. I think we’ll be out tomorrow quite decisively and it won’t matter to us who wins today.


Yep that’s the likeliest scenario if going by the last 10 years.

When have we ever won a crunch game against a big team/rival? Never.


The problem we have is that we will have to beat two big rivals to win the FA Cup, and that is unlikely.
As long as it’s not Chelsea or spurs, I don’t mind us not winning it.


I think Chelsea are the most likely winners, they have been formidable on all fronts this season and are, realistically, the best team in the country at the moment.

Spurs are playing out of their skins, probably the best they’ve been in 50 years, and they’re still second best. Which is very Spurs.


When we beat Man U at Old Trafford in 2015 to earn a spot in the FA Cup Semi Final.


So basically, as long as City win it :grin: I think you’ll be disappointed then, the winner will most likely come from today’s match