2016/17 FA Cup


Doesn’t exactly look good for a fanbase as large as ours hasn’t already sold out it’s allocation. I’d like to think no matter how bad a state the club is in supporters should always muster for important occasions like a Wembley FA Cup semi final against a big competitive rival.


You going then? :wink:


They’ve never lost a game I’ve been at. WHo wants to crowdfund me to go to the semi and the final assuming i can maintain that record. :smiley:


I’d go if you’d be willing to pay :sweat_smile: . Otherwise football is an expense I can’t justify right now



Likewise though tbh mate. I could pretty much feed myself for a few weeks with the money a day out at Wembley would cost lol


Haven’t won any of the last 4 or 5 I’ve been to lol


No crowdfunding for you so! :smiley:


I’ve only been to a few games, but we’ve always won and never seen us concede a goal too :per:


I’ve never seen us lose in the FA Cup before. This run goes back to my childhood and my very first FA Cup match in 1998, when my West Ham supporting family took me to Upton Park for the quarter final replay. Bergkamp was sent off but we still won the match on penalties. I’m going to our semi v City but unfortunately I’m pretty sure my good luck charm will finally wear off this year.


@Phoebica, you are our secret weapon to beat City :mustafi:


A good week that was…Went up to Man u, we did them even got to abuse Beckham when he pulled up beside us in his Jag… and then Wham on pens…


Semi now sold out…


It’s looking like either spurs or Chelsea could win the double.
With Man U winning the League Cup and favourites for the Europa League, this is about as bad as it gets.

Losing in an FA Cup final to sours, and them getting the double is worse.
I’m rather hoping Man City beat us, because there is no way Wenger could beat Chelsea or spurs, and Man City are far more tolerable than either of the others.


We don’t stand a chance against Spurs, but we have a slim hope against Chelsea.


I never understand how city get a free pass with football fans.
They are the most fabricated club in England. Free fucking stadium and dodgy sponsorship deal.
And seriously no way we give up on the FA cup. You have been round long enough to know anybody can win the cup. Everything shit here at the moment and the cup wont change how people feel about Wenger, but it would be a great piece of history to have.
Dont ever turn your back on the chance of glory.


We do stand a chance against a team who havent won the cup this century.
Look ive give up on all things Wenger. But this is the cup. Wigan beat city for the fucking thing.


In the season they got relegated nonetheless.


I understand what you are saying, and if we beat spurs in the finals to stop them winning anything, it would almost be enough to make up for seeing us fail in the league.
But realistically we aren’t going to beat two top teams to win it, and to watch them beat us to win the double would be too much.

The reason I could tolerate Man City winning is because I don’t resent them as much as Man U, spurs and Chelsea, and they haven’t been around long enough for me to dislike them but, most importantly, I don’t know many Man City supporters.


I really dont want to play Spurs in the final. I will be a lot more relaxed if Chelsea have beat them on saturday.
Id say that makes the sunday game a battle between 2 managers who have under performed this season big time. Hopefully with a bit of billing like this might effect them on the day.
Its the FA cup though and its prestige to me. You can stick the top 4 media gimmick.
Football for fans is about days like this not talking about revenue from getting through group games in europe.


I don’t even think we have many players that would see a difference between losing to Chelsea and Spurs in the final.

Then again, if winning the FA cup is what made Wenger decide to stay last time then maybe a huge pasting from Spurs in a final might convince him to leave the country.