2016/17 FA Cup


Letting them have all day to get pissed up…Should be interesting…


Bring it on!


Think @Phoebica is right.

At first I was amazed that CHelsea / Tottenham gets the saturday and the extra boozing time, but then they have to consider it in light of the policing resources needed for the marathon.

Arsenal / Man City is far less likely to have any trouble.


The plane, banner and the arch in the background. Now thats classy.
Fuck the Hawthornes.


The Sunday game simply sucks when you live in Australia.


what time is it on for you?


mate, all games suck for you. :smile:

Your dedication to Arsenal is quite frankly beautiful given the hours of sleep you give up to watch them play.


Also explains why he’s so negative all the time. Lack of sleep, watching a team that just isn’t that good. I’d be annoyed all day too lol

In all seriousness, I think Aussie looks like a fun guy in RL going from his pictures. Just pretty upset with the situation at Arsenal.


By late April I think we will only be a 9 hour difference again so it won’t be as bad… 3pm kick off back to Midnight. So this will be 1am instead of the 3am :joy:.


You could relocate to lovely Perth WA and cut the gap down even further! :sunglasses:


Beautiful part of the world Perth.


A friend of mine in Floreat calls it the world’s most isolated city. Truly beautiful though, I was there two years ago.


Every member that applied before the deadline got one…Dont look like its going to silver or red members…But you never know…City can’t even fill their own ground let alone take 32000 to Wembley.


still have tickets left if anyones interested(and a member of course)


Should we be surprised that tickets have gone on sale to silver and red members?


not at all mate… im going Wembley just for the St Georges day piss up…without a brief…


I gave my silver membership up a few years back now

Best way to make a statement to the board, manager and players is simply dont fucking go

If they cant be arsed to put in a performance or cant get up for a game more than Palace can then they can all fuck off as far as im concerned

That Walcott statement after the Palace game was just shocking


Tickets didn’t even goto Silver for the Reading semi final…(?)

Decent indicator of supporter apathy


It’s actually incredible that tickets went on sale to silvers. Speaks absolute volumes…the type of language the board may understand? Clueless idiots, sort your club out!


As a season ticket holder in previous years I managed to get semi and final tickets whenever I applied for them, but there was at least the feeling that you could miss out every now and then due to high demand, as mates of mine did.

Agree with all three of the posts above mine.