2016/17 FA Cup


Wonder what sort of reaction MOU is getting from the chav fans, after dissing their manager a bit


United are becoming nasty.
It’s amazing how Hazard can run so easily.


Hope they all get hurt




Thats that then



That prick Herrera sent off. Lol fantastic


If you were going to bet on a red card, Herrera would be the one. First yellow was harsh in my opinion though.


The new man utd is chelsea… Off off off


Harsh, but it’s a second yellow so a red.


Felani the next to go…


What a cunt! Costa goes full Costa here!


More grief than anything that happened yesterday…


Conte and Mourinho just tell them to fuck off each other :wilshere:


Every time I see Willian I have to remind myself who it is. His haircut is erm interesting…


Fair result. Chelsea were just slightly better.


Haven’t seen the second yellow. Apparantly it was soft from I heard


Yeah, Hazard dived a bit.


Haha absolutely love seeing that snide little cunt Herrera sent off, especially as the second was a touch soft.

But still, fucking cretin for challenging Hazard like that just after the ref has warned your team mates so specifically about fouling Hazard. The persistent fouling of Hazard was getting a bit silly so I can see why the ref reacted.


Martin Keown is such an awful co-commentator lol


United have started well the second half.