2016/17 FA Cup



Took me a few seconds to work out what that was… Fantastic :joy:

Vote leave :wink:


Remoaner still works. :wink:


Get in! Ahah!


How good would an NLD semi final be!?


If we lose, diabolical.


Yeah but i’d be willing to take the risk. Our awful record against them has to end at some point?! No better place than a FAC semi at Wembley!


It wouldnt if you lose. Been there and seen both outcomes. It was worse than being at Wrexham mate.
Win and its pure ecstasy. Never celebrated a red card in my life till Lee Dixon done Anderton.


Just seen the draw…have we really been drawn against another Non League side? :joy: What are the odds of that happening, wow!

You really couldn’t ask for more.


We’re getting a free pass to the semi finals, it would be so Arsenal to fuck it up.


Exactly, we’ve played Tottenham in a few semi finals across my lifetime but have never been as ill prepared as we would be right now.


The idea of playing Spurs and then United / Chelsea in the semi and final has me shitting myself.

So much at stake, so much pain and humiliation.


Let’s just say I enjoyed it a lot more in the early 2000s :joy:


Sutton Away…Lincoln Home…SF - Final…

Cant complain about the draw! Utd or Chavs out next round too…


Tottenham semis chelsea finals id imagine.

I can almost taste that community shield. Lol kidding. Sutton will dick us.


nice story. :slight_smile:


Thats why the FA Cup is special.


We’ll lose 3-0 to spuds in the final.


Can’t see us winning this cup. Spurs only beatable decent team left.


You’ve changed your tune since December :scream: